Everything has duality (my Creative Pinellas Project 3/4)

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Blog Post 8 – Agueda Zabisky

Geometric patterns are the basis of all shapes found in nature. From the structure of an atom to a flower, everything is made up of patterns, forms that repeat themselves, creating harmony and balance.

Simplifying this to the maximum, I used geometric shapes to represent our experiences (challenges, feelings, virtues, obstacles, achievements, values and learning)- everything that we add along the way and try to somehow balance.

I would be lying if I said I thought it all out in advance. It just happened. One idea led to another, and somehow everything came together. From the moment the Convergence series was ready, symbolizing this path to understanding and evolution, I decided to create the opposite. Peace and conflict, serenity and concern, balance and asymmetry, control and the unmanageable.

I decided to use colors, not just shapes. This is a delicate matter. And since I was using the most basic shapes to convey an idea, I opted for the use of colors in that same vein, thus deciding to use primary and complementary colors that subliminally began to make sense in the whole.

I speak of human issues, duality, certainties and doubts, seeing and not seeing, order and disorder, evolution, wisdom and discernment. This is something so complex that I try to translate it into symbols and in the simplest way possible.

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