Don’t forget to back it up.

Don’t forget to back it up.


I had the misfortune the other day to have my phone lost i.e., someone stole it. Now, that would suck for anybody for in today’s times, it’s practically your life. I mean for myself it has all my clients’ contacts on it as well as reference photos and more importantly the pictures of my children. I felt lost. I haven’t backed up my phone in a few months, so everything I have there was gone. It’s one of the most devastating feelings you can have. But I there was a silver lining, I did get my phone back. When my boss tried to call me a police officer picked up and said that she had my phone. Do I know how she got it? No idea, but I got it back.  After a day and a half without it I was breathing easier.

However, I think an important part of the experience was that I kind of enjoyed not having a phone. Yeah, I was sad that I had lost some of the things on it, but I wasn’t checking my phone every two seconds either for work or for text messages, etc. It made me just enjoy being.

So, lesson of the day: make sure you back up your phone for you may not get it back. And maybe, just maybe, once in a while you should ‘lose’ your phone in your dresser drawer.

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