Doing Other Stuff

Doing Other Stuff

This weekend I visited a friend who gave me dozens of plants from her amazing garden. Afterwards, my husband and I spent the afternoon planting; I found a special patch for succulents, a wild coffee, some bamboo.

It’s important for the creative process to do other stuff. Gardening is a good one. Walking has long been espoused as a creativity generator (Dickens was known to walk literally dozens of miles when trying to figure out his novels; Einstein, da Vinci, and others all recommended a walk to solve creative challenges). It’s no surprise that artists known for a specific field dabbled in other forms–music, dance, painting.

After a long period of time away from it, I’ve been jogging again. My creative output has been immense and I don’t think it’s coincidence.

My point? Writing isn’t just sitting at a desk. Make sure you’re doing other stuff.

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