Art Studio

Art Studio

I define an art studio in it’s broader form, a physical space that one uses to explore, critically think about and create their art. My studio in it’s physical form, changes from time to time. It is a communal print and dye studio or it’s a lumber workshop or a private room in my home or any space that I use to creatively, progressively think about who I am and what is my art and how it is related to the larger context fo the art world.  The important factor is my art and not the space that I use to create it. I assert that there is a conflict between the formal pressure to demarcate a studio as a separate, formal site and expectation of fluidity that a contemporary artist suffers from.

My work comes from a place of empathy which is cultivated by using stimulus from my surroundings. The work is often presented as installations or as a set of printed Textiles. I create experiential installations, which are tactile and they occupy a three-dimensional space. My work consists of multiple objects that come together to create one larger installation. I am interested in depicting conflict through my work. I use the objects that carry a lot of symbolism. I subvert that symbolism to make the meaning my own. My work occupies the space in such a way that the viewer can have a relationship with installations. My installations provoke and create a space for discussion. I am drawn to different forms of mark making. I am a prolific maker. Layering is an important part of my process as I derive meaning from it. I am drawn to representative as well as abstract imagery. Image making is a big part of my process and I use multidisciplinary approach to create them. I am interested in the themes of queerness, identity, immigrant struggle and hegemony of the binary genders.

Raving Raging Ratings, Monolith 1 and 2, 2016-17. Image by Jim Prinz

Colonial Addiction, 2015

My current studio is a private room in my home. It is equipped with a foldout table and 4 table top print boards that I use to print my fabrics. Space also houses my immediate inventory or art and supplies. space is adequate enough for me to mediate between thinking and making. I usually think through making. The studio also has ample light during the day and is equipped with enough lights to create at night. the studio also becomes a space where I document my work and is a space that I use to read and write, in solitude. I believe that it is important for artists to mark their research, findings, and inferences. I do it through words, pictures, collages or drawings.  when I am working in my studio it tends to get a little messy but when I am leaving the space, I make sure that it is back to what it needs to look like because I need to want to get back to it. I am thinking about inviting other artists and art patrons to my studio and use the space. I believe in learning and living as a community and want to share my space with the arts community around me.

Images of studio clicked on 6/30/18

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