Daily Life Through My Camera Roll

I would like to share a little bit more about my new series at the Emerging Artist Exhibition with Creative Pinellas, Camera Roll. 

The Social Media Reality

Every single day social media bombards us with images that are far from reality – filtered, edited, the perfect pose in the perfect place taken from the perfect angle. I am guilty of this too. Only posting the photos of vacations, nice evenings, successes and wins. Yes, those are real parts of my life, but I can ensure you that there is so much more.

In fact, I use my camera to capture the intimate moments of my personal life: the good times, the struggles, the tears, and the routine. I decided to select a couple of photos that I took, and to reproduce them on canvas. I choose photos that I would not post. Some are very private and personal, and this is why I decided to paint them instead.

The Real Reality

The images that I selected are REAL. There is no filter, no posing, and sometimes they can make the viewer uncomfortable. The 18 paintings are a representation of my daily life. People might not relate to all of them, but I can ensure you that each viewer picked “their favorite” based on what they could relate to.

I have asked the curator to install my 18 paintings at my 5’2” height. This series invites the viewer to look at my life through my eyed and my point of view, contrasting between my day-to-day reality and the one I could share on social media.

You can follow the work of Margherita Tibaldo and buy her prints at margheritatibaldoart.com

and on Instagram @margheritatibaldoart


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