An Art Affair

by John Gascot
February 5, 2020

Sometimes I get to my studio ready to create only to find out that my brushes won’t work that day.
There’s nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank canvas brush or charcoal in hand while the minutes turn into hours. Well, there ARE worse things, but for the purposes of this blog post let’s say there aren’t.

Just like writers, visual artists get blocked from time to time. For me sometimes it’s due to fatigue from creating in a specific manner. What to do?

With so many ways in which we can create an artist may get a “wondering eye” from the style we’ve married ourselves to.  I must confess that I stray from time to time and I have a type: Abstracts. Oh the thrill! Please do understand that I love my Latin Pop style of 20 years. I would never take off and start a serious relationship with another art style, leaving Latin Pop behind with all of the beautiful pieces we’ve made together. It’s just fun, no strings attached. A cleansing of the art palette, if you will.
Do you have a type?

Alegria/Acrylic on canvas/24×24″

Flash Flood/Acrylic on canvas/36×48″

Over the Canyon/Mixed media on canvas/24×18″

Reach/Acrylic on canvas/24×12″

Play in the Sunshine/Acrylic on canvas/24×48″

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