Aimee Jones Emerging Artist Grant 2023

Hello everyone!

My name is Aimee Jones, and I am so honored to be a grantee of Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant 2023.

I want to first introduce myself and my practice. I am a visual artist and educator who specializes in oil painting and transforming the female form. I am originally from Dallas, Texas, however after college I moved to two different countries(Italy and Spain), earned my MFA and Graduate Certification in Women and Gender Studies at the University of South Florida in 2022, and am now calling St.Petersburg, FL my home.

Aimee Jones, “Gabbin Gal”, Oil on Canvas, 2022.

I am a figurative painter whose work explores the topics of identity, feminism, and the female form through the lenses of trauma and my personal experiences of being a woman. My work explores what it means to no longer be in the eye of the surveyor. Through covered/uncovered figures of women, my work speaks to the topics of mental health, the vulnerability of the bodily experience, power, and the dichotomy between invisibility and hyper-visibility. I am inspired by the Victorian photography genre “invisible mothers”, fashion magazine pages, botanical forms and patterns, and my own personal experiences. I explore the connection between women and nature, and their reclamation of space by using invasive plant species and coverings. These plants and patterns serve as a signifier of reclaiming subjectivity and ownership, while also serving as protection and as a shield. With exposed body parts peeking through the plants and fabrics, I play with the idea of the invisible hiding in plain sight.

I cant wait to show you more of my work and my process!

Happy Holidays everyone!



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