1st blogpost… a wonderful feeling

Something clear about me is that I am more comfortable expressing myself with colors and lines than with words, especially on social media.

For my very first blog post… I just wanted to share my feelings for being part of this Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist grant.

I feel a a rich combination of ingredients. It starts with gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary work of the ones involved in building an amazingly diverse, talented and dynamic artist community. So I don’t have enough words to say thank you, merci, obrigada especially for all members and staff of the Creative Pinellas.

I also feel a warm pride and honor for having been selected, as well as a responsibility to give my very best and more 🙂

Obviously, motivation – I really feel deeply empowered and consequently inspired – which is my best green renewable energy to create and produce art in the upcoming weeks and months… and the journey starts with a 36x48in acrylic painting of the “Moulin Rouge”.



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