Emerging Artist Grant

The Emerging Artist Grant aims to support and build meaningful relationships among the outstanding creative artists in Pinellas County and their audiences. It provides a solid foundation to nurture the creative community and elevate Pinellas as an art and cultural destination that draws tourists worldwide.

With this focus in mind, Creative Pinellas provides up to ten grants for artists who are emerging in their artistic practice. Grantees will be assigned an artist mentor to help develop new artwork for the Emerging Artist Exhibition (EAE) in the Spring of 2024.

Meet the Artists

David McCauley

By David McCauley

David McCauley is an interdisciplinary artist based in St Petersburg, FL. Since 2012, he has founded multiple 501c3 organizations such as the Rise Up Gallery, Laundromat Art Space, Artillery Residency… Read More

Fran Failla

By Fran Failla

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Fran’s personal artistic journey began at a very early age. Given the opportunity in elementary school to take up painting, she quickly showed a special… Read More

Thomas Sayers Ellis

By Thomas Sayers Ellis

Poet, photographer, and bandleader Thomas Sayers Ellis is the author of The Maverick Room and Skin, Inc,: Identity Repair Poems, He co-founded The Dark Room Collective and The Dark Room… Read More

Antonia Lewandowski

By Antonia Lewandowski

Growing up in the multi-lingual Yorkville section of New York City during the Fifties, Antonia Lewandowski had an easy walk to museums and libraries, concerts in Central Park, and East… Read More

Tyler Gillespie

By Tyler Gillespie

Tyler Gillespie is an award-winning writer and educator. He’s written for Rolling Stone, GQ, The Washington Post, The Nation, Salon, and Playboy. His poetry appears in anthologies such as In… Read More

Gaby Rosa

By Gabriela Rosa

For the past five years, Gaby Rosa has blazed a trail as a full-time, professional fire and circus performer. Her journey commenced with fire dancing, a mesmerizing art form that… Read More

Kaitlin Crockett

By Kaitlin Crockett

Kaitlin Crockett is a printmaker, writer, book artist, educator, librarian, and owner of Print St. Pete. Primarily using analog methods like Letterpress and Risograph printmaking, she creates zines, publications, broadsides,… Read More

Vanessa Cunto

By Vanessa Cunto

Vanessa is a Florida native and local artist here in the city of St. Petersburg. She has always placed creativity at the core of her  life, from her formative years… Read More

Luci Westphal

By Luci Westphal

Luci Westphal is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, writer, and social artist with a focus on biophilic art to enhance people’s well-being by connecting with the outdoors through art, especially in… Read More

Harriet Monzon-Aguirre

By Harriet Monzon-Aguirre

Harriet Monzon-Aguirre is an oil painter and aspiring surface pattern designer creating out of Bahia Studios in Safety Harbor. She spent her early childhood and formative years on the Caribbean… Read More

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Why Poetry?

By Antonia Lewandowski

Why  Poetry? A better question might be, why not?  The story forms we currently rely on are video games, streaming, and maybe reality shows that package how we live or… Read More

Making-of Video and Art Talk for “Public Walls and In-Between Spaces” Installation

By Luci Westphal

On June 1st, I hosted an artist talk about my interactive mixed-media installation at the Creative Pinellas Gallery. As much as the opening reception in May was the highlight of… Read More

Planned Obsolescence

By Vanessa Cunto

Here in St. Petersburg, we are incredibly fortunate to host a museum dedicated to the Arts and Crafts Movement. This museum is a testament to a period that emphasized the… Read More

A Foot Forward

By Antonia Lewandowski

Putting My Foot Forward Early in February, while most people were thinking about hearts, flowers, and chocolate, I was paying attention to the color gray – specifically the dull gray… Read More

writing on the public walls and in-between spaces installation at Creative Pinellas

Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions Inside In-Between Spaces

By Luci Westphal

If you have seen the installation I created for the 2024 Emerging Artists Exhibit, then you probably know it’s a growing, changing, and interactive artwork. There three main dynamic aspects… Read More

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So fortunate to be part of this cadre of artists for 2024.

Emerging Artist Grant 24

The Emerging Artist Grant aims to support and build meaningful relationships among the outstanding creative artists in Pinellas County and their audiences. It provides a solid foundation to nurture the creative community and elevate Pinellas as an art and cultural destination that draws tourists worldwide…. Read More

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2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition: Opening Reception

Step into the world of creativity at the opening reception of the 2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition at the Gallery at Creative Pinellas happening Thursday, May 9 from 6–8pm…. Read More

2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition

Discover the next wave of artists! Join us for a diverse and innovative exhibition of work showcasing the dynamic creations of our 2024 Emerging Artist grant recipients. This eighth annual… Read More

2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition – Artist Talks

From visual art to poetry to fire dancing, Artist Talks invite you to get to know the 2024 Emerging Artists through performances, readings, lectures, and intimate conversations at The Gallery at Creative Pinellas…. Read More

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