2022 Recovery Grants to Individuals and Organizations – Project Manager

Creative Pinellas seeks a Contracted Project Manager for their 2022 Pinellas Recovers program

Project Period: December 15, 2021 to June 30, 2023 

Project Description: 

Pinellas Recovers is a subgranting project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Pinellas Recovers is designed to assess recovery and recovery needs, provide community engagement project grants to individual artists, and sustainability grants to area cultural organizations. The focus is on small (under $300,000 budget) to medium sized (under $750,000), and large (over $1M) organizations as well as individual artists. Additionally, Creative Pinellas will conduct a county-wide Recovery Survey of organizations to see who, how and why they are still struggling; how their programs have evolved and adapted as a result of the pandemic; what lessons have been learned to take them into a sustainable future; and how Creative Pinellas and partnering organizations can help.

Individual Artist Grants

Individual artists can apply for grants of $10,000 (4), $5,000 (7), and $2,500 (10) for specific projects or programs that include a community engagement component, one with measureable impact. This grant program is designed to support public participation with individual artists’ work in the Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Theater, Literature or Media/Multi-media. Examples include: presentations, exhibitions, workshops, research and/or creation of artwork with a tangible outcome. A bias is placed on performing arts, as they have been affected the most during the pandemic.

Organizational Grants

Arts and cultural organizations can apply for grants of $50,000 (3), $20,000 (5), $10,000 (5), $5,000 (5) and $2,500 (6) to support salaries of rehires or new hires; fees/stipends to artists and other contracted personnel for specific operations or performances; facilities or venue expenses; marketing and promotion to get audiences back; or health and safety equipment. Subgrant awards and CP mentorship will strengthen organizational viability and grant readiness.

Pinellas Recovers Project Manager Responsibilities:

Grant Management:

  • Promote awareness of the Pinellas Recovers opportunities & successes
  • Compile grant applications, review for completeness & eligibility
  • Assemble and manage a review panel
  • Notify applicants of either an award or denial
  • Manage:
    • Awards to grantees and monitor impact reporting
    • Contracts, invoices from and payments to grantees
    • All NEA reporting/invoicing requirements
  • Mentor organizations and individuals as needed to be more grant ready

Recovery Survey:

  • Design and administer a county-wide assessment survey
  • Interface with NEA and State data collection and research
  • Hire and manage contracted survey interviewers. Survey participants will be contacted personally and interviewed for the most effective results.
  • Compile survey results into a report to share county-wide
  • Work with partner organizations to find solutions to issues raised by the survey

Project Manager reports to Creative Pinellas’ CEO, Barbara St. Clair.

Office:As a contracted position, the Project Manager may work remotely, or in the Creative Pinellas Office with no set schedule.


Project Manager: December 15, 2021 (or when hired) to June 30, 2023

$25 per hr, maximum 30 hours per week with a flexible/as needed schedule

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