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SIMI The Series Ep 1 – Dreammakerz Productions

SIMI SERIES SYNOPSIS: As a young child Simi Unction is forced into an induced coma due to what’s presumed to be a major illness that affects his nervous system and… Read More

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Beyond the Walls – The Sheraton Sand Key Resort featuring John Gascot

By Creative Pinellas

Check out this Interview with Arts Annual – 2022 Beyond the Walls Exhibiting Artist – John Gascot at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort!… Read More

Making a Mural for SHINE Mural Festival 7 – Aurailieus Artist

By Creative Pinellas

Come along with Aurailieus as he paints a mural from start to finish, for SHINE mural festival 7…. Read More

Fractal Immersion – Tod Stephens

By Creative Pinellas

Fractal Immersion is a series of iterative mathematical formulas that assign pixel color values and locations that result in unique abstract artwork moving through time and space…. Read More

afroQuantum Experiences – Artmaker Talks – Ep 4

By Chris Jenkins

Join Creative Pinellas Artist Laureate Jake-ann Jones as she talks one-on-one with Dr Dallas Jackson, McArthur Freeman, II and Myiah Moody. Jake-ann is talking to those who are leading artists,… Read More

Read About: Art

By Creative Pinellas

Read About: Art is the pilot episode for ‘Read About It’, an unscripted series created by Cultured Books that brings books to life through literary-based field trips throughout Tampa Bay,… Read More

Artist Eating Sandwiches Pilot Ep 1 – Aurailieus Artist

By Creative Pinellas

Artist Eating Sandwiches is a series of artists interviews by Aurailieus where he and his guests eat sandwiches on the curbs of St. Pete. In this pilot Episode he interviews… Read More

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