Jenipher Chandley

Jenipher Chandley is a representational artist working in her hometown of St. Petersburg Fl. Where she has raised her 4 children and is a proud new grandmother. She has earned degrees in Interior, and Graphic Design, from IADT Tampa. Jenipher is currently lead curator for Bar@548, She also has co-curated and exhibited in 100’s of shows throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

The story of love is the overarching theme in her work—the journey to find it, revel, cherish and protect it, the pain of losing it. She finds common ground where we are all connected, through nature, the human condition, and the energy all around us that drives us forward. Her artwork is real, sometimes raw, and emotionally charged, expressed through symbolism and poetic gestures. Jenipher brings her emotions and the entirety of her subconscious to the work, and through complete vulnerability uncover the strength to forge healing. She returns often to the divine feminine, to rediscover the beauty of inner power and resilience that conquers all. The work is vast in concept and style, while always human and relatable because our art should be as complex and ever-changing as we are.

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