Difficulty Creates Inspiration.

After receiving numerous inquiries about my inspiration, I want to share that there are countless avenues that fuel my creative process. I will delve into this topic in various blog posts to provide a comprehensive understanding.

Throughout my artistic journey, I have learned and grown, and I will do my best to share insights into my process and how I have become the artist I am today.

Inspiration, for me, can be found everywhere and in everything. It took time to tap into that creative flow and recognize its diverse manifestations.

"Summer Slumber"
“Summer Slumber” Oil Painting by Jenipher Chandley

I discovered that difficulty can be a catalyst for creative flow. The desire to achieve something new, even in the face of failure, can ignite inspiration. Instead of being discouraged, we must view difficulties as essential components of growth. Once we overcome these challenges and attain our desired outcome, a newfound drive emerges, fueled by the dopamine response. This, in turn, leads to further creativity and inspiration. So, embrace the struggles that push you.

I often tell artists that difficulties are like weightlifting for creativity. Push yourself to the point where you cry and draw until your eyes ache, or create art that requires countless erasers to get it right. I am committed to perpetual learning, and I will never be satisfied with my art—and I am perfectly content with that.

“Dali” Oil Painting by Jenipher Chandley

From an early age, I have felt a deep urge to recreate the things I love. But it was the unexpected outcomes and stories that unfolded through my creations that hooked me. Creating something that revealed unknown aspects of myself, something unique and one-of-a-kind, became my form of entertainment.

One of my earliest memories of artistic struggle dates back to when I was around five years old. I wanted to draw something I had seen in real life, not just from my imagination. At the time, I had been drawing many mermaids, princesses on horses, and rainbows. While watching a Lucky Charms commercial, I became captivated by the moment where the rainbow met the pot of gold. Eagerly, I grabbed paper and attempted to recreate the image. However, every time I drew the pot, it looked like a piece of toast. Frustration grew, and for the first time, I couldn’t accurately translate what I had imagined onto paper. No matter how many times I erased and redrawn, it wasn’t right. Eventually, my frustration led to surrender. This marked my first experience of failure, yet it ignited a desire within me to tackle more challenging projects—to draw what I couldn’t.

"Frida Kahlo"
“Frida Kahlo” oil Painting by Jenipher Chandley

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially in terms of creativity. If you are seeking inspiration, reflect on your core values and consider visually telling a story related to one of them. Even if you don’t perceive yourself as creative or an artist, everyone’s life should be a source of inspiration. For practice, imagine that everything you see is significant and make a conscious effort to remember at least one memorable moment each day—whether it’s the way sunlight filters through trees during the golden hour or the birdsong as the sun begins to rise. I hope this sparks a newfound inspiration within you and encourages you to find more ways to be inspired.

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