Jabaar Edmond

Filmmaker, publisher, and community change agent Jabaar Edmond has written, directed and produced films including “AGENT X,”  “AX2:QUARANTINE” and “ART IN THE CITY.” An independent filmmaker with the production company 909films, he works with Cranstan Cumberbatch via DreamMakerz Productions. He is also founder and publisher of 1Lovemagazine, a contributing writer for The Weekly Challenger and St. Pete Bulletin, and a graphic artist. Equally and activist and community leader, Edmond is currently president of Pinellas County Urban League Young Professionals, and an advisor and consultant for many grassroots projects, events, and movements, working with and alongside the Dream Defenders, S.C.L.C. USF St. Pete, Gathering of Women, Mt Zion, St. Pete for Justice, Amendment 4, the 20/20 Plan and many others.

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