Linda Flynn PH.D.

Linda is a partner with Cultural Planning Group, joining the group in 2014. She is a planner who contributes nationally to best practices in planning, research, civic learning, and engagement for the creative sector. Linda has developed innovative cultural plans, public art master plans, cultural tourism plans for diverse cities and counties across the country.

Cultural planning is a powerful tool to assist communities to achieve civic goals for identity, building the creative economy, economic development, equity, revitalization, public/private partnerships, and placemaking. Linda designs innovative, customized methodologies, facilitating equitable civic engagement programs and the analysis of many data sources to create a true, data driven profile of a community. Her process for community- based planning is based on a foundation of quantitative data, community public and private partnerships, inclusivity, and collaboration. Linda works with creative workers and artists to infuse the process with creativity and user experience insights.

Recent arts and cultural plans include Marin County, CA; Sacramento, CA; Winona, MN; Greensboro, NC; Flower Mound, TX; Cedar Rapids, IA; Collier County, FL; Naples, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL, Broward County, FL, and Fulton County, GA. These plans include strategies for the creative economy, public art, funding, facilities, programming, and community identity.

Current projects include a Creative Economy Strategic Plan for the State of Washington; cultural plans for the Greater Portland, OR region and Round Rock, TX; and arts and culture elements for various General Plan Updates.

Prior to her work with CPG, Linda’s experience and relationships cross many industries and sectors, working with all levels in organizations including conducting research with transportation firms, urban planners, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private sector corporations. Linda holds a doctorate in organizational management with a concentration in conflict management, and various certificates in qualitative and quantitative research. She is a published author of her research with organizations and volunteers her time at several local nonprofit organizations focused on the improvement of youth educational experience.

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