Cranstan Cumberbatch

Cranstan Cumberbatch is an award-winning actor, writer, director, producer and vocalist in both stage and film. He was part of the 2006 U.S. Olympic team for performing arts where he won 7 medals on the world’s largest stage including one gold, 4 silver and two bronze against competitors spanning 52 countries in acting, modeling, and performance. In 2018, Cranstan was awarded the Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers Award by the city of St Petersburg, Florida and the Tampa Bay, Rays Major League Baseball Team for his Pioneering efforts in film and Determination. This honor solidified him of becoming the first African American to write, direct, produce, star in, screen and release his own full length movie in his home city.


Cranstan has starred in a number of motion pictures that he has written, directed, co- directed, and acted in that have all made significant impacts on the independent film market including the following:

If You Only Knew, Loaded Love, King Charles, Loved, More than Friends, No

Harm Done, Disconnected, The Serious Student, Nothing Else Matters, Love in Context
and his most recent films, Art in the City, Agent X, and Agent X 2, which he is currently


Cranstan is one of the Organizing Directors of the Sunshine City Film Festival and the Executive

Director of the Tampa Bay Actors Guild. He is also co-owner of his own film production

company, DreamMakerz Productions, and currently serves as the Performing Arts Director for

Pinellas County Job Corps where he runs the only performing arts program in the country for

them. Though he wears many hats, Cranstan is grateful for each opportunity he receives that

allows him to share his gifts while inspiring and empowering others to become their very best

selves, live their finest art, and pursue their highest dreams.

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