Freddie Hughes, Gallery and Facilities Engagement Manager

With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles within hospitality, tech, and creative workspaces, I have come to understand the value of human connection and empathy. As a leader, I prioritize the needs of people and strive to create an uplifting and successful environment for my team every day.

My focus is on providing exceptional front-of-house experiences for both staff and guests. I pay close attention to details and consistently deliver world-class customer service, creating a sense of joy and satisfaction for all. My passion lies in being a creative visionary, leveraging my strengths of compassion and attention to detail. I love to challenge myself and others to always strive for excellence, crafting visually engaging expressions and fostering a welcoming environment for staff and guests alike.

For me, life is a journey full of wonder and enlightenment, driving my mission to seek out true meaning and create a world where creativity flows, humanity thrives, and the future is shaped by our collective efforts.

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