Expanding Waters: Science Panel #3- What is a Green Society?

Tune in Saturday, May 8th, 11-12:30 pm for the third in a series of art + science panels being held in conjunction with Expanding Waters, an exhibition which sheds light on the issue of climate change and the current state of our waters. This panel of experts, hosted by Dr. Carol Mickett, investigates what a “green society” could look like and what it may take to build it. They will cover what the future could hold with a collective and concerted effort to stem climate change.Guests include Laura Thomas, Sustainability Program Administrator for the City of Largo, FL and Jeffrey P. Gellermann (JP), Extension Director and Community Resource Development Agent for the University of Florida/IFAS Extension in Pinellas County. Both are actively involved in Pinellas County with the conservation of natural resources and improvement of life for community members.Laura works with residents, team members, and elected officials to address a wide range of issues including capital infrastructure resilience, greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, and climate change adaptation. She serves as the program manager for LEAP, the Largo Environmental Action Plan, and through public policy, scientific data, change management, and public outreach, Laura is actively working to create a more sustainable, resilient and equitable community for generations.Laura graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2009 and a Master of Science in Sustainable Management from the University of Wisconsin in 2021. She was awarded the 2018 Sierra Club of Florida’s Osprey Award, is a co-founder of the Pinellas Sustainability and Resilience Network, a member of the Pinellas Florida-Friendly Landscaping Board, and is a current member of the Urban Land Institute’s Health Leaders Network.JP Gellermann develops educational programs focusing on the health and wellbeing of the local community specifically focusing on Low Impact and Economic Development. He is a Florida native, and has earned a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Criminology. He has worked for the University of Florida since 2005 and earned University tenure in 2010. During that time, he has worked in multiple program areas including: Growth Management, Community Development, Administration, Efficient Communities, Sea Grant and 4H Youth Development. JP performs leadership roles for both his local community and for the University of Florida/IFAS. In addition, he is currently enrolled in the Certified Public Managers program and an alumnus of the 2006 Class VI of the Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute.

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