2024 Emerging Artist Exhibition – Fran Fallia

Artist Statement

I have been painting and creating art for over 50 years. It is a definitive statement of who I am as an individual.
My art is about communicating the simplicity and beauty of Life. It is something that often cannot be approximated with words alone, as there is a visual aesthetic that, by its very nature, accompanies the communication.
I am fascinated by the seemingly mundane parts of Life. A piece of fruit, an old piece of ceramic or glass, a flower that’s beyond its freshness, are all, to me, inherently beautiful. It is my mission as an artist to bring that beauty to others in a meaningful and abundantly aesthetic way.
My art is real. It is immediately relatable. It is Life as we all know and experience it in real time and on a day-to-day basis. The part of Life depicted in my art is made more beautiful and perhaps extraordinary, with the use of oils and the artistic stroke of a paintbrush.
The purpose of my work is to bring about a beauty within the simplicity of Life and its parts. I attempt to make the ordinary into something extraordinary by transforming it into an aesthetic work of art. My goal is to bring the audience to a greater realization and enjoyment of how something so seemingly simple in their environment can be so dynamic and absolutely beautiful.
In my most recent works, I choose to integrate the style of the Classical Old Masters with a more modern, representational twist, in that I work the paint fast and loosely and include current objects into the work. My paintings also feature bold colors, strong light to dark contrasts and intense highlights. In other words, the subject matter of my paintings seems to “pop” off the canvas. Because I paint rapidly, working in the alla prima technique, an average sized painting takes approximately two to three hours to complete. The speed of my work increases the spontaneity of the subjects and the overall feel of movement and Life.

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