Yeah, But What Are Your Paintings About?

Works by Jason Hackenwerth with accompanying thoughts.

Over then next 25 weeks I plan to share images of paintings and past installations of sculpture. I will try to give thoughtful commentary on the works to help viewers gain greater access. With any luck, you might feel inspired by the connections you feel to the process and the works themselves.


Everything In The Universe  2022 72″x60″ Oil, spray paint, pigment stick, china marker, on canvas.

Everything In The Universe is a painting that references the descent of the divine into matter. It appears to be expanding as if filling with breath or exploding like the universe. It also references a song by Leonard Cohen. According to all religions and wisdom teachers, Humanity is flawed but holds the potential for enlightenment, or salvation, or the end of suffering, depending on which you subscribe to. This painting reminds of our nature and our potential. If you’d like to follow along with my process be sure to follow me on Instagram @hackenwerth

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