When something hits

Coming into this grant period with a plan to continue focusing on work about environmental issues and climate migration  was all good intentions. It was my focus and I sincerely saw a body of work clearly telling that story. BUT, there’s a truth to the saying that goes something like this, “that which you focus on is your reality”. I found myself solely concentrating on my practice as an artist and the work became about that. From the days around Christmas I stumbled in a blind moment to the pure expression of the GIANT HAND. My totem lay prone reaching and becoming the hand that receives and is giving. This came in a flash, lines finding the way across the canvas telling my story without thought.

The universe provides is a motto I tell myself often and forget equally as often when I feel anxious and doubtful.

The hand reaching to the crown, the crown being a symbol of success and in this case the success of making it as an artist is unmistakable.  The crown has been in my lexicon for years following a trip to art Basel in Miami. The crowning glory a beacon of success for artists is participating in such an event. I WANT THAT. I am saying it out loud. In big gestural ways. As loudly as I can. I WILL HAVE IT.

I am invigorated and focused and when something hits its so much easier to acknowledge what a painting is about. Here you go world.



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