what next

Ok putting my own advice to the test… set an intention and set out to do the work.  The scrolls are a launching pad to do more, to articulate the idea more clearly, to create a mechanism that works just a little better. I would like to create more scrolls and perfect the ones I have. I would like to be invited to participate in more shows with what I have. Use it as a baseline and move forward. I would like to enjoy more conversations about what the work means within exhibitions that thematically match with my work. I would like to test the limits of size and height and imagination.

The giant hand might reseed from view but its meaning will find purchase in the widths and heights of any of my paintings because in there is the me, is the me asking the universe for what’s next. The giant hand is reaching for …All of the things please. All the shows, the residencies the group exhibitions the investors, the notice. The growth toward intelligent cohesive work. I want to thrive in my practice. I want a big eco friendly vehicle big enough to transport big paintings to big shows.

The anxiety which arises in self doubt (and isn’t that what anxiety might be at its core, self doubt?) is a plague. its a rabbit hole.  I’m going down it right now writing about it. Anyway, the “what next” sans the anxiety part puts me in the position to create good work by producing bad work and moving through it and not worry about what’s next because I am doing the work, the worry is not part of the job. I hope all this stream of consciousness makes sense. At 313 words I’m saying I will create what’s next and the universe will provide the platform for me to show it off

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