Visual Thought Process: VIDEO (and words)

I’m honestly not a big fan of process videos and have never felt compelled to make one. The video I’ve linked below is probably the closest I will ever get to creating something like that and it may not translate to anything very exciting! I was on a walk today, which is often when I get ideas and is where a lot of creative problem-solving occurs, when I encountered a wide, empty, delineated sidewalk that felt like a runway. It made me think about my upcoming Wearable Arts 17 show.

As I got into that mind space, it felt like something I could maybe capture to illustrate how creative thoughts occur to me. I’ve been sampling and saving different music that resonates for potential use in the show and I’m just starting to consider the runway/model/timing part of the production. Recently on my walks, I re-listen to that music to see if it still feels like something interesting, or has a mood I still might want to use.

I don’t have a proper indoor workspace or a space big enough to always work things out in a traditional way. So, when I arrived at this sidewalk, it sort of lit up my brain as good place to time some music and to imagine models walking a runway. Figuring my models won’t have much more than a minute each on stage, I made a 60ish-second video with a piece of music I’m considering to see what a minute feels like walking, and to imagine what might be incorporated into that time. I started by just timing while listening to different pieces of music, then decided to make the video as a visual representation of that process in a POV-of-my-mind kind of way.

I edited in a bit of dramatic effect to help capture the sensory aspect of my brain in that state of visualization. I feel like it reads best full-screened on a phone. Just above the video is a still of the sidewalk as I approached it today.






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