Watch an author’s (humiliating, ridiculous, naively absurd, and unexpectedly comical) attempt at recording her first audiobook!

Bands of a Small Hurricane is my new literary fiction release, and you can find it everywhere books are sold on Oct 4, 2022!

More information on Bands of a Small Hurricane; last year’s release Thieves, Beasts & Men; and 2023’s TBA release, Sex for Poets; including illustrations, excerpts, deleted scenes, reading group questions, fine art and tons more can be found at

Synopsis below.



JULY 1967.

Daniella Quinn has lived all of her 14 years in the Florida Keys, and is beginning high school with an eye toward budding adulthood and newfound popularity. She even has a sweetheart—a boy vacationing with his family. Summer of Love, indeed.

Though well-sheltered by her manic-depressive mother and adoring (if occasionally drunk) father, Danni finds herself drawn to a mysterious new girl at school, whose individuality and intrigue offer a glimpse at the larger world beyond the islands. And when Danni forms a relationship with a group of nudists living on a secret beach, she begins to question everything she’s ever been taught about family, honesty, beauty, sex. Even the very definition of home.

Richard Quinn is a God of the sea, if only in his mind. But life has a way of growing tedious for even the boldest of men. So when a stranger arrives in the Florida Keys with a plan to rescue her brother from behind The Iron Curtain, Richard seizes the opportunity to reclaim his fading heroism, consequences be damned.

As a daring project unfolds in secret, Danni begins to question the integrity of the father she’s always worshipped, and whether or not she could be (or ever was) safe in his care.

Experiencing the challenges of teenage romance, a new society burgeoning with free love and recreational drugs, an escalating mistrust of her family, and a longing to run away with a community of hippies, Bands Of A Small Hurricane follows one girl’s sexual revolution and discovery of self amid the mangrove-tangled waters of Florida’s southern edge.





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