VIDEO Pre-Opening Walkthrough of My Installed Work at Creative Pinellas

The video below is a brief preview of the three pieces of work I created for the 2023 Emerging Artist Exhibition at Creative Pinellas, opening Thursday, May 4. I recorded it after I had finished installing the work, just before leaving the gallery for the last time before the opening.

The titles of the works are 1) Daughter of Swords (suspended piece), 2) Memory Maker (crystal foot), and 3) Initiation (laugh/cry) (wall installation). There are two motion activated audio devices on either side of Initiation (laugh/cry) which are part of that installation. One side is crying and one side is group laughter/applause; those are the only sounds you will hear.

This video was made partially to capture how/when the audio is activated and how it works in the space. It’s my first time using this type of device in a piece, so it is sort of an experiment that I am not sure is going to work in the space for this particular show. Either way, it has given me the opportunity to paly around with that technology and use the information when I approach future work.

I will be posting another blog after the show’s opening with more pictures and details about the experience.

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