United We Stand

United We Stand

The Dunedin Concert Band’s next performance for 2019 features a tune about “no matter what comes our way or what we have to face, united we stand.”

(Like 9/11. Like collapsing mines or floods or mass shootings.)

The piece ties into a patriotic themed concert exploring some of the emotions those on the Mayflower must have gone through.

In fact, one piece is dedicated to the Mayflower’s actually crossing and landing!

Well, perhaps this music can teach us more about living with each other in these socially turbulent times.

For this concert I will be conducting 65+ enthusiastic performers – it is well worth experiencing!

See you Sunday at 3pm, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Clearwater.  Details here.

Dunedin Concert Band - Summer Concert


Stephen P Brown is a Conductor of orchestra, choirs, concert bands and musicals, as well as a composer. He is the General Director of the Dunedin Music Society, Head Spark Plug of the Concert University, and a Professional Artist Grantee of Creative Pinellas. You can find his concert schedule here, a sample of his compositions here, and listen to his podcast Classic Jabber here.

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