Many Hats

I’ll be meeting with a potential director tomorrow. I have reached out to a local venue, requesting a performance date in September. I have contacted 2 local actor/singers whom I hope will be able to perform the piece.

Once the piece is cast, the director hired, and a venue and date have been settled upon, I will need to find props, build the one set piece needed, procure costuming, and hire a stage manager. Among other things.

These are generally not tasks of a playwright, composer, or lyricist. These sort of things are a producer’s responsibilities. Wish I had one.

Fortunately, the technical needs of the show are minimal. It will always be a piece that is very easy to produce, especially if you are a producer, which I am not. These tasks must be done to get the piece on stage, and sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Act Two of Love v. Death is nearly complete. I meet with my hopefully future director tomorrow to discuss bringing what is now on paper to the stage. Three months to go and much to do.

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