Two Sculptures One Life

How can art remind us of what matters more?

Like so many people, I felt compelled to make work that would resonate the strong fracture in our society over the past six years. At the same time, I wanted the work to make an example of the two camps that either side has created as well as a more distant perspective that offers a more hopeful message for how ultimately similar we all are.

Much of the show is filled with rage, angst, frustration and tumult. But I did my very best to also allow sensitivity, care, hope and with any luck, joy. The sculpture was originally a single beautiful form that I cut and ripped into two halves. For me this bifurcation was a reflection of the feelings I had on election night and the first few months after the election of 2016. After the sculpture was halved, I began reworking each of the two parts. The new work was creating a shroud around each of the forms that would act like a shield from the other. This would force visitors to fully enter into that shroud to see the part of the sculpture that was left from its original form. Doing this was a way for both sculptures to grow similarly but in ways that reflect their original perspective.


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