Time is fleeting

Time is fleeting

Time is fleeting. I say that a lot to my daughters, normally it’s when they are avoiding doing a task, i.e. anything. However, there are 24 hours in a day, the pressure to get things done in time can be enormous or it can feel like there is plenty of time to get things done. Time management, though, is the biggest hurdle. For most that is the reason for feeling one way or the other.

Everyone has things or tasks, that they don’t want to do. So, procrastination begins to ensue. The idea of having plenty of time to finish it comes into your mind. But time is always fleeting. As time goes on the point occurs when you feel the pressure that there is never enough time. In fact, there was plenty, it just was spent doing the things you wanted to do, not what needed to be done. When, if you had prioritized and put those tasks first, there would bs no pressure.

What if you have multiple jobs? That is when time management is key to success. I have three jobs, if I don’t follow a timeline to get work done then I’ll never go anywhere. Normally my least favorite tasks are done first putting a limit on the amount of time that I will devote to them. That in turn makes me focus more, to make sure it’s done within the time I’ve allocated. I know what you’re saying but what if you don’t finish, then I move on to the next task and finish it up with extra time with that I have left from then. If you work with purpose, with a plan, you will always have enough time.

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