The BODIES Collection


The idea for my Bodies collection began in late 2020 while working in my last semesters at USF. I had the opportunity to create using a different medium than normal because of the rising issues of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although my idea was written down in 2020, the collection was actually started in Early 2021 as part of my BFA Thesis. I was able to continued the Project with the awarding of a Grant from the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, as one of the 2021 Individual Artist Awardee.

The Bodies Collection is a contemporary revision of Classical female nude sculptures.
For centuries, when woman’s bodies were sculpted, they were overtly sexualized and portrayed with idealized features for men to desire. My Objective with this series has been to disrupt the concept of the male gaze by taking back the objectification of the female body and giving the woman a feeling of hope and strength to embrace their own features.

Bodies is a Continued Collection of artworks, ever changing and growing.

With the 2022 Emerging Artists Grant from Creative Pinellas, I am aiming to create a separate series of Artworks that branches from the idea of Bodies. Still following the theme of the objectification of the female body, but with a twist that makes the audience reflect on the artworks with regards to their materials, positive & negative space, and texture.

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