Blog #4

Sparks by PhotoGraham is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Moving from a hands and feet on project to a digital  presentation that will do justice to the artistry of our performing, visual and writing artists is the challenging task at hand.

However, the SPARKS theme of  Connect – Disconnect- Reconnect remains solidly intact. We plan to present a video production and art exhibition Fall of 2020 at the Studio@620 during an ArtWalk with a limited audience in attendance.

PLAN OF ACTION:  Following the theme, three dance artists will create 2-3 minute solos that will be joined to create a finished dance work. It will then be integrated into three paintings inspired by our theme and the dancers’ choreography. As the work progresses, a new script and spoken word score by Sheila Cowley and music by Tom Sivak will be created to connect the segments.  Jim Rayfield will direct.   Safe space permitting, I will create a movement finale.

We are blessed with a very diverse set creative artists and we, happily, expect some lively conversation and artistic reconfigurations to take place prior to the final production.

A plan to film and to visually connect us while work is in progress is in the works.

Dancers include: Helen Hansen French, Jessica Obiedzinski, Fernando Chonqui;  Visual Artists include: Carrie Jadus, Tony Palm, Ana Maria Vasquez; Actors to be announced.

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