The road to the Emerging Artist exhibition, part1!

Hello again, Javier here resuming our conversation on how these wall copper art pieces are created.

All starts with an idea of where in the final product you can create a focal point.  Usually I like to preserve some of the very bright raw copper as a focal point.  To achieve this I tightly fold areas to try to prevent the fumes from the chemistry to reach that area.  Those areas exposed to the fumes of the chemistry will change the coloration of the copper as the copper produces various levels of patina.  After the exposure in an air tight tank, it is time to stretch, pound to clear any loose flakes, clean and polish.  The initial phases of fixing the patina starts and several layers of different waxes are applied.  While all that process is setting, the support is constructed and treated.  Edges are often applied in copper.  The copper roll is aligned, positioned and attached to the support.  Edges trimed.  Final waxing and polishing. Final product, a “Tower”!


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