The Grey

The Grey

The grey area of life. Most things in life have a grey area; it’s not clear cut, black or white. Even history tends to omit many details that shaped it not to mention it is often sculpted by the victor and doesn’t include the other side’s perspective. This can be seen in the everyday experiences of the people you interact with daily.  This has always been fascinating to me. I want to know what makes a person who they are and the events that shaped them. The events of life that determine who they are to themselves are the most important and how the world perceives them. Do they see themselves as the hero, the villain, etc., and does the world see them differently than they see themselves?

Perception can be a funny thing in that manner. A person may be seen as good and successful because of their perfection, where they live, or how they look after and treat others. That same person may only see themselves as a failure and a horrible human being. But why? It’s those events that others may not have seen but that impacted the individual and shaped their view of themselves. Others come to a conclusion based of what the know or think they know about that person without ever knowing the full picture. But can they ever?

Personally, I’d say, “No.” However that’s what makes people interesting. No matter how well you know someone, or think you know them, you can never fully. That’s the beautiful thing about being human. Each of us has a unique mystery about ourselves, that can never be fully grasped by ourselves or others. At the same time that’s what divides us and unites us.


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