The Future of Music is Female (and Awesome)

It started in Portland, Ore., 10 years ago and can now be found in multiple countries across five continents: a rock-n-roll summer camp for girls ages 7-17.

Lasting only for six days, culminating in a showcase concert of all the girlsäó» hard work, members of Girls Rock! Camps form bands, learned to write lyrics and music, practice daily and more.

St. Peteäó»s chapter, one of five in the state, is in its second year of production and is wildly popular äóî enrollment numbers doubled from the first year.

According to the chapteräó»s website, the camp is led by an all female-identifying volunteer staff who offer music lessons, self-defense classes, zine workshops, lyric and creative writing workshops, yoga and meditation classes to promote confidence, community and self-expression through music as a medium for personal and social change.

The campäó»s efforts to be open and inclusive of all backgrounds and experience are awesome: the camp is accepting of all who identify as girls, including cisgender (those whose gender identity does not change from birth), transgender and non-binary youths (those who donäó»t identify with äóÖgirläó» or äóÖboyäó»). It strives “to make camp accessible, regardless of financial resourcesäó, as detailed on the chapteräó»s website.

Their endeavor to bring female-created music to the world, or specifically the local St. Pete area, is supported and affirmed by local and corporate sponsorship from places like Daddy Kool Records, Guitar Center, St. Pete Music Factory and more.

Members of the community can donate directly on their site at different amounts, ranging from the Kathleen Hanna (co-founder of Riot Grrl, musician) level of $100 to the Stevie Nicks (you know who she is) level of $1,000.

Click here for photos of the recent Girls Rock! Camps showcase.

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