The First Paintings

These last two weeks have been incredible! I have finally figured out the overall composition, which allowed me to start painting. I will need 12 to 18 paintings for my composition, but I am aiming to make at least 20 or 21 paintings so that I am able to choose the best ones.

Sneak Peeks

So far, I have 3 completely finished paintings. However, I am only going to show parts of it as I would like for my audience to see the entirety of the paintings at the show, in person!

The subject of every piece is extrapolated from a daily life experience that happened within the last few months. My intention is to portray a series of moments that are real, simple and normal. My paintings portray reality, with its positive and negative sides. The overall composition is a rejection of social media, which portrays an illusionist and fake reality.

Life Struggles

The first piece represents something I have been struggling with personally starting October 2021: severe hair loss. I have not shared much about this as I found this experience pretty traumatic. I learned that, after a serious illness, one can experience hair loss. This is what happened to me. I remember being in the shower and loosing chunks of hair at once.  I decided to remember this struggle of mine with a painting, to then being able to look at it once things will get better!

Daily To-Dos

I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with balancing daily life between work, family time, taking care of the dog, eating healthy, laundry, grocery shopping and so on. I went to the grocery store last week, and realized how many times I find myself there because sometimes all I have is 10 minutes to grab a couple of things. I did not even realize how much time I would save if I would “plan” a little but more. At the same time, my husband is so particular, and he would rather eat what he is craving that day. Therefore, we must shop when he is craving that specific food. Thankfully, he cooks too, so I cannot complain about it!

Romanticize Your Life

The other night, while at my parents’ new house doing the dishes, I saw something spectacular. A small window high up close to the ceiling was the perfect spot to see the full moon. Once I noticed, we were all amazed. These are the little things in life that make life beautiful. Being able to share this moment with loved ones made it even more special.

I cannot wait to share more about this series I am working hard on. 6 other paintings are in the making, and 11 blank canvases are waiting for me!

Join us tonight at 7 pm for the Emerging Artist Conversation. It will be streaming live on the Creative Pinellas Facebook Page!

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