The Adventure of Making Art

I am in my studio this week about to begin working on a new sculpture.  Even though I am surrounded by the busy energy, dust, and noise of our shared workspace, I tune into the stone blocks before me and begin to imagine the possibilities.

The marble I am carving is called Bardiglio, a dove grey Italian marble from the Carrara region. I have not carved this type of marble before so I begin by testing its hardness and consistency with my hammer and chisel.  I knock off some of the edges and carve in just a bit. I confirm it’s solid and will take a fine edge.  I play with creating some texture to see how it responds. It is a time to explore and play. A white canvas.

I try to approach this time with a “beginner’s mind”.  What will this unique experience be like?  How do I want to challenge myself? What do I want to say? Even though I have done this many times before, there is still an anticipation mixed with uncertainty that pervades my mind.  I correlate the making of art to an “adventure”.  I never know exactly how it will turn out but that is the fun of it.  Over the years I have continued to be drawn by this thrill of creating. And like any great adventure, I acknowledge that there will be twists and turns, highs and lows all consistent with the nature of life.  This is what makes making art so exciting.

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