Surprise Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost a holiday in the USA.

And what a lovely surprise we had at the Dunedin Concert Band’s performance!

Several families attended our Patriotic concert, and we were almost out of room again.

This was the first time we hosted a performance on Father’s Day, and it seemed to work very well.


Dunedin Concert Band


Audience members told us they liked our arrangement of When Johnny Comes Marching Home, and were impressed with the group’s dynamics (playing loud and soft).

Phew! That’s something we work VERY hard at 🙂

Unlike most groups in the area, we do NOT take a break now.

Next, we host some sight-reading workshops for anyone to join in with, and have a couple of chamber music concerts coming up.

All while I coordinate the performance recordings of seven piano compositions I wrote over the past few years…

Stephen P Brown is a Conductor of orchestra, choirs, concert bands and musicals, as well as a composer. He is the General Director of the Dunedin Music Society, Head Spark Plug of the Concert University, and a Professional Artist Grantee of Creative Pinellas. You can find his concert schedule here, a sample of his compositions here, and listen to his podcast Classic Jabber here.

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