STT: Movement Exploration Master Class at Howard B. Blake High School

May 11th, 2018

Upon my return back to Florida after a 23 city tour of France with the Bad Boys of Ballet dance company I wanted to give back to a few of the communities that helped me succeed as an artist. I taught a movement exploration (choreography) class to the dance department at Blake High School as their final jury. The kids and I spent two hours exploring their artistry through my choreography. After they successfully learned all the steps we began the coaching process which involves a teaching practice I created myself. It’s called the I Am Uniquely Me process. This process involves creating a safe and free space for the artist to express themselves in their truest light, which usually brings out their best work. After this class I was asked to come back and actually set a piece on the dance department which will began in October, Continue to follow my blog as I showcase my journey of artistic growth through educating the next generation of dancers. 


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