Stay Safe, Be Healthy, and Keep Making

March 25th

I feel very fortunate to have my own studio during these uncertain times. This is not the case for all makers out there. I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends and those who have had there work spaces become inaccessible indefinitely. Stay positive, I hope you’re all doing well and keeping your hands clean and busy.

My studio is filling up quickly as the exhibition gets closer. Most of the pieces are dry enough that I can begin to add some color on the surfaces. This is exciting because it means I am one step closer to getting these into the kiln for their first firing cycle.

It is difficult to get a sense of scale from these photos. The two photos on the left are pieces made up of my smaller extrusions(pieces are roughly 5″x5″x5)”. The two photos on the right are the larger sculptures ranging in size from 8″x8″x8″ to 10″x10″x20″.



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