Starting To Feel Real!

Ideas are now coming to life. Sketches are turning into paintings, and my “panic” is starting to fade away.

The first sketches

When preparing for a show, I like to plan the whole idea, instead of focusing on one painting at a time. For this specific show, I have started planning how I wanted to present my work. The first idea I had was to create a large composition with small paintings. Each painting would be a different size, creating a gigantic “puzzle”.

The idea was to create a composition that would represent me through small paintings. Each painting would represent myself engaged in different daily activities, such as working, painting, cooking, and cleaning. The daily activities would represent the good, and the bad.

Another composition idea I had was to continue what I started in 2020, my Home Series. The idea was to create large paintings that would depict daily life. Since the paintings would be larger, there would be more detail and complexity. The composition would include 4-5 large paintings for the show.

After debating which option would be the best, I decided to go with the first one. I wanted to experiment with something different, make more paintings and be able to “hold” a painting. I have not made small paintings in a long time, and I miss the bodily relationship one can have with a small painting. You can hold it, feel its weight and move it around easily.

Starting to paint!

It is finally time to paint. Daily moments that I captured with my mind, now painted on canvas. I started with a daily scene: me in the bathroom, my dog in his bed, on a weekly morning.

After finishing this piece, I decided to make another one in the shower. I have recently have been dealing with dramatic hair loss, and this painting depicts this struggle of mine. My feet, the shower drain, the bottle of shampoo that fell, and a lot of hair that I have lost.

Moving to the kitchen, I decided to paint myself cooking. However, this piece is not finished as I, again, changed my mind! Ah, the life of an artist!

I loved these paintings, but after seeing the Creative Pinellas Gallery I had to re-evaluate all my idea, and start over. Stay tuned for the next blog in which I will explain you “the idea”!

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