STANDING performance


I am finally able to share the recording of my performance of STANDING, a work mentioned in my previous blog. Unfortunately, the video projections are not coming through very clearly but I hope you can get a sense of the emotion behind the work. Video does not always do live dance justice. You can view a close-up of 2 of the projections by visiting my old blog here

STANDING celebrates the people, communities, and beauty in Ukraine. Using video projection and installation, it features the mural work by Ukrainian artist, Yuriy Pitchuk and St. Petersburg, FL artist, Jill Kelly of Jilly Juniper Art. STANDING represents all of us who “Stand with Ukraine.”

Music: Ukrainian Bandura Players
Choreography and dancer: Sarah Emery
Presented in Moving Current’s NewGrounds Concert 2022

STANDING is produced with the support of Creative Pinellas. Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater and the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners.

Much thanks to Creative Pinellas for helping to fund the work for the visual art/installation.

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