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Post 09 – Some Assembly Required 

TLDR: Keeping it BRIEF in this blog post – an update on my grant pieces and official Brand Identity Announcement! There’s been SO MUCH going on – both personally and professionally – and I can’t wait till it all culminates on Thursday, September 12th [6 – 9PM] at Creative Pinellas.

Prints are back from Florida Graphic Services and I couldn’t be happier! All the tedious color correction as mentioned in my previous post [Waiting] really paid off. Now, more tedium looms ahead, as I sand, screw, stick, and wrap all appliques and hanging hardware in preparation for my drop off deadline of September 4th.

I’ve still got Certificates of Authenticity to design but now that I’ve finalized my new Brand Identity, signed up for a new email address, as well as launched my new website (more on that below) I have all the information I need to create formal CoA’s. I’ll be sure to share those with you as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime, here are a few shots of the freshly unwrapped prints!

Unwrapping prints from FGS is like Christmas in August!
I don’t think I’ll ever get over the excitement of seeing my digital works come to life.
These pieces were printed on a lightweight expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – sometimes known as Sintra – though that’s a specific brand name.
The two layers of white ink as mentioned in the previous post really allowed the colors to reach their fullest vibrancy.
The real excitement will be when all these pieces are buttoned up – the craftsmanship of each assembly is absolutely crucial in their presentation.


Sand it, stick it, wrap it, hang it:

Here’s a quick picture of part of the assembly process in action. There are a few crucial tools that come in handy for the process – from your average Phillip’s Head screwdriver, to needle-nose pliers. A crimping tool helps to pinch and secure the heavy-duty picture hanging wire. Also, the adhesive used – 3M VHB Tape – is an extremely strong, permanent bonding adhesive that is unsurpassed in its mounting ability. But just in case, I’ve got some 3/4″ screws to ensure the threads grab and hold the appliques in place from the back.

This drafting desk hardly reflects the insanity that’s about to ensue. For the larger pieces, I’ll have to move operations to the dining room table.

This applique technique is one we use at Creative Arts Unlimited frequently. Working here has helped me to learn a variety of ways of creating impactful graphics. I hope to use these techniques to transcend commercial art, and bring this unorthodox contemporary medium in to the gallery setting.

Oh Sh!t, it’s Miss Crit:

It’s officially official – Miss Crit is the new me! I am happy to have settled into a new logo design, and am working diligently to put together a Style Guide – complete with color palettes, font pairings, patterns, and icons – all of which will help to reinforce my brand. My next blog post will hopefully focus on these concepts.

In the meantime, check out the new website >> << along with my new Instagram Page – @miss_crit. It’s a work-in-progress, and there’s a long road ahead to fine-tune my portfolio, so be gentle! Check back frequently for more updates and shenanigans. I’ll also be launching an online store, featuring artwork and merchandise. Also, a mailing list is forthcoming to keep you up-to-date on all things crittery.

And since I’m so long-winded, I’ve decided to keep up the blogging – so you’ll be able to read more rants and ravings here. But for now, keep up with the ol’ @lauraspencerillustrates page on Instagram for continued goodies. I also run the instagram for @creativeartsinc so be sure to follow there too!

New Business Cards for Miss Crit. The files are to print and will be in hand sometime between September 3rd – 9th. Fingers crossed, y’all!
George Retkes – Sculpture Extraordinaire:

George Retkes, fellow Emerging Artist Grantee and my ride-or-die, allowed me the opportunity to hook him up with a little rebranding. Check out his new logo design and business card! They’ll be arriving along with mine sometime around September 3rd – 9th. Both cards feature the Trifecta triple layer color core available at A velvety, buttery finish gives the cards a luxurious feel and rich look. I am really excited to get these prints back. I’ve been using for years and can’t recommend them enough (well, I guess I could if they sponsored me or something, but this endorsement is purely out of love). Their prices and turn around time are awesome – matched only by their quality. Check them out if you’re in need of high quality marketing material.

Logo Design and New Business Cards for Artist George Retkes.

As always, thanks for lending your ear – or rather your eyes.

Until next time…

— Miss Crit

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