Emerging Artist Grants


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For artists working as or driving towards being a professional artist

The transition from an emerging artist to a successful professional can be challenging no matter how talented and committed you are. In addition to time, devotion, a work ethic, materials, emerging artists need:

  1. Recognition
  2. Financial support
  3. A meaningful opportunity to engage with their public

The purpose of the Emerging Artists GrantsĀ is to meet these needs and set the stage for the grantees success by providing:

  • Funding
  • A professional artist mentor
  • An exhibition / performance event at the end of the grant period where artists can display or perform their work.

Grants are awarded to Emerging Artists with:

  • A recognized and proven promise / a history of success thus far
  • A strong portfolio of work
  • A vision for their future
  • A commitment to work and to show their work at our exhibition / performance event at the end of the grant period
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