A few days ago I received my author proof for Bands of a Small Hurricane! The proof does not yet have a coating on the cover, hence the very obvious scratches from merely sitting on my coffee table for a few hours, but this won’t happen on the finished books, so feel free to ignore those for now. I began this book about 2 1/2 years ago, by far and away the longest running single project of my life (excluding my kid – I began that project almost 17 years ago and counting…). Words cannot possibly explain to you the mountains I’ve had to climb, and the cliffs I’ve had to leap from, hoping for the best, and the things I’ve given up in order to bring this novel to reality. Here are some sneak peeks!


In addition to the standard book release, Bands of a Small Hurricane will also have a Limited Edition released at the same time (Oct 4!). The Limited Edition is a run of 500 only. Each will be numbered and signed. The paper is top quality premium paper, with a thick and luxurious cover stock, folded flaps, and a full color illustrated map.


Sneak peek at the Author’s Note and Reading Group Questions at end of book.


And because I’ve always set absurdly high expectations for myself, 6 of the advance copies also went out this week to the judges for The National Book Award.


And for those of you who are super dedicated to reading photographed pages of books online, you’re in for a real treat! I’ll be capping this post with a little excerpt. This chapter is from the middle of PART 2: EXPECTATION IN THE SEASON OF AUDREY, and is titled Hurricane. (Yes, there’s an instrumental hurricane in Bands of a Small Hurricane. What gave it away?)

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