Rediscovery Through Poetry and Art

December 16, 2020

The Long Nights: How the Light Gets In
Offers Rediscovery Through Poetry and Art

December 18-20 from 4:30-7:30 pm
330 Beach Drive NE, downtown St. Pete

Katee Tully, an adventurous artist and creator of beautiful and moving immersive spaces like the Poetry Bar, presents a socially-distant art experience celebrating the radiant power of light as a tool for connecting, and inspiring joy.

The Long Nights: How the Light Gets In will be displayed on the terrace steps of Smith & Associate’s Beach Drive location for four nights culminating on the Winter Solstice.

A glowing poetry tree is already out front, and you’re welcome to pluck a poem from its branches. 

The work is inspired by the Leonard Cohen lyric, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”   

“Poetry is like comfort food. You can go to a poem when you are nervous, tired, anxious, and the words will wash over you and within you to bring calm, peace and often to spark joy,” says Katee Tully.

This artistic event weaves poetry, people, music and objects into “a rediscovery of how light travels into our lives and bridges the distance between us, explains Tully, adding that behind our masked faces this year, the light in a person’s eyes has been more central than ever to reflect who we are and how we feel.

Music by Florida Orchestra members

. . 
The installation features
interactive writing prompts, live solo performances by members of the Florida Orchestra, and live poetry creation by Giovanni Cerro aka Gio Typos, who creates on-demand, personalized poems by request, on a typewriter.

“When Katee and I started talking about this installation, we wanted it to feel like coming home late at night and having a light left on for you. This small gesture by a loved one of ‘leaving a light on’ offered a sense of security and conveyed love. We thought our community could benefit from a few nights of feeling the comforting beacon of a light left on,” says Bob Glaser, President & CEO of Smith & Associates Real Estate.

A night to share your light with others.
A night to remember those who have brought light and love into your life.
Bring your brightest self.
Come home to us.
The porch lights are on.

an Inspiration Poem for The Long Nights:
How the Light Gets In
, created by Katee Tully

Gio’s Typos in action

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