Poetry by Troy Legette

By Troy Legette
. . .

Teaser Poems from the book
The Objective Scholar

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June Arts and Healing focus

. . .
. . .

Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For you come from a culture so rich
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For your powers are phenomenal
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For the continued legacy
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For obtaining beauty and intelligence
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For acting on a dream
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For the challenge that enhance our ability
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For believing when all else failed
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For living disciplined, respectful, and loyal inspite of our humanistics
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For leading the way towards a better tomorrow
Proud of you; Yes! Proud of you; I am
For accepting me into this wonderful devotion. Yes!
. . .

. . .
When The Fog Cleared……

. . .
When the fog cleared –
The silence of happiness roared in a wind of peace.
leaving the past moments, never forgotten,
All the miles of pain deep within felt rotten.
Along that journey, uphill big, as a mountain!
Time, patience, and I joined as a force in spirit.
While faith sat on a cloud waiting to rain,
It seemed really strange how long it took for things to change.
Out of nowhere hope from a seed,
grew up into a strong flower.
I can never count the hours, already.
I’ve lived with this power.
The trees waved as I passed.
Sometimes I even saw them laugh.
Content was just half of what really made them glad.
My presence being a humble vehicle of energy,
moved through foggy challenges that opposed.
And as soon as the bitterness from depression was gone,
the doors of entrapment were no longer closed
. . .

. . .
World Within A World Within A World!

. . .
Looking out of such powerful capsule;
. . . . . As the beast struggles to digest,
. . . . . Thoughts of blue are the prized asset,
Inside working each task at hand steadily channeled!

Grounded on a stationary plane of freedom;
. . . . . Never a spectator in a battle for justice,
. . . . . Soundly connected to that eternal oneness,
Knowing the victory of defeat is yet to be won!

Harmonized amongst a community beneath a brown shell;
. . . . . Scribing survival sunlight admires,
. . . . . Floating off as mind erases razor wires,
Enjoying life in heaven even under the hammered nails!

Eyes applaud such disciplined glow of fire;
. . . . . Returning light to every untamed ego,
. . . . . Pacifying the rowdy will of hopelessness that grows,
Refilling that centered passion the soul desires!
. . .

. . .
Autobiographical statement
. . .

I am Troy R. Legette, a Trenton NJ native and currently living in Florida. Thanks to my parents I was given many opportunities at the best of life. The majority of family and friends provided me with enough support to keep me encouraged in whatever I wanted to do.

I am a writer, poet, actor, songwriter and barber. I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting. Growing up as a child, didn’t take long to figure out that reading wasn’t a favorite subject of mine. I was more attracted to listening to music and eventually making efforts to write my own rhymes.

Some of my experiences flooded my memory during times of a peaceful space. I would write as if it was a personal journal to document my thoughts. Blocking out the many distractions sometimes wasn’t always successful but I managed what I could. Before I knew it, I had written so many thoughts down I inspired myself. I didn’t care about the grammar or proper punctations – it was all about getting those thoughts as it came to me out of my head.
. . .

Why I wrote these poems

. . .
“Devotion” was created for my upcoming book titled The Objective Scholar. “When The Fog Cleared” and “World Within a World Within a World!” were written many years ago when I was enduring serious hard times of darkness.

Every poem that I write has a purpose. I think my very first poem evolved after reading a newspaper while enduring tough times and came across a poetry contest. I entered it. From that point I was off and running. It resulted in me publishing a poetry book titled Social Climax through Xlibris in 2015.
. . .



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