Part of the Process

Part of the Process

My collages grow from plain pieces of flat paper to textured, colorful materials that have depth and a different dimension to them than a traditional two dimensional painting. During this transformative process, materials are built up and established layer-by-layer, until the piece feels grounded. In this way the work simultaneously defines and undermines existing architectures and materializing imagined objects, places, and architecture.



The process of my work is something very important to me as an artist. As I work through the several stages and growth of each piece, by subtracting and adding, deliberating equivocacy with representation, and watching the piece transform is a rewarding and challenging process that in the end sometimes means more to me than the finished piece its self, which in this case is more of a personal component of my work and does not necessarily attribute to the concept nor take away from it.


Color is also a very important component of my work.  Color is something that has this ability to evoke feelings of something transcendent or suggest a transcendent space. Although many viewers usually bring their own experiences to bear while viewing my work, I hope that it will bring awareness to the allure of the ocean, nature, and architecture that is associated and found within and out of world.

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