New Studio

Robert and I moved to Tarpon Springs from St. Petersburg almost 3 years ago.  We thought that if we could keep our studio in St. Pete and set up a small studio in our Tarpon Springs home, we would be set.  But it just didn’t work.  It was too inconvenient to go to St. Pete every day.  Our home studio was too small to both house all our inventory and make art.  So, with a great deal of searching and help from the City of Tarpon Springs, we found a studio and moved in late December 2019.  Hooray!

Our landlord is Joe Kokolakis, and, as it turns out, he is a great supporter of the Arts.  As my father would have said, “we lucked out.”

Here are some photos.

We use lots of tables. We’ve made sure they are all on wheels so we can reconfigure the studio as needed.
From this view, you can see our kitchen and loft storage space.
You can see our conference area with the garage door for ease of moving in and out. Watching over all we do is the painting First Moon.


There is something special about this space.  It’s special because we work well in it.  We come in and get to work.  It’s quiet, spacious, and just feels right.  We’re only a 5-minute drive from home, so we can zip back, have lunch, and walk our wonderful dog Miles Blue.  For an artist, a good studio is one that supports art making.  We are fortunate to have just that – a good studio.


(We accept studio visits by appointment only.  Contact us at:

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