New Sensation

Todd Ramquist, Kiaralinda, & Heather Richardson founded the Safety Harbor Arts and Music Center (SHAMc). Notably, the dynamic and colorful mecca offers concerts, classes, poetry readings, umbrella parades, and more, to partake in. Flower Power Ellie, a life sized decorated pink elephant welcomes you into the mosaic covered, colorful space. In addition, local artisans creations decorate the walls and interior and are available for purchase. Above all, SHAMc is a place that brings people together through the arts. Visit their website to learn more and join the fun and find new sensation!

Photo by Mikell Herrick of the SHAMcGiving 5th Anniversary Umbrella Parade

On November 27th, creative souls from all over the county and beyond, gathered together to celebrate the SHAMcGiving-5th Anniversary Party. It was a crisp Sunday afternoon. Markedly perfect weather to enjoy this fusion of of SHAMc’s 5th Anniversary & Thanksgiving. The theme of the day was hands. Firstly, Kiaralinda’s request was to decorate an umbrella. Secondly, decorate yourself.  Thirdly show up ready for the parade. And show up, we did.

Coming together with like minded and spirited people is enlivening. It was a welcome departure from the daily stresses of life. Consequently, I love to capture moments like these with my camera. Music blaring, swirls of color dancing about, people hand in hand, solo, each marching to the beat of their own drum. What a sight. Above all, the energy of pure joy was palpable. I had placed my iPhone in my pocket in order to be in the present. Just then, the golden light of the setting sun cast a notable shimmer across the treetops and the colorful characters before me. Awestruck, my hand reached into my pocket for my camera. I was particularly compelled to capture that moment.

It hadn’t dawned on me yet that I would paint that scene. The parade drew me in. Among friends, I was swept away into the childlike fun and joy of it all.

In essence, over the next several days, that moment kept popping into my head. There was a deadline to meet for the submission to the Martinis & Matisse benefit event for The Clearwater Free Clinic. I had a painting on my easel of flowers I had been working on for my submission.

The flowers simply weren’t ‘doing it’ for me. Therefore, I gessoed over them and began I Wanna Hold Your Hand. As a result, I’m so glad I did.

New sensations bubbled up as I began this painting.

Stay tuned for more new work in this vein… New Sensation…

In the words of INXS,

“Dream, baby, dream

Of all that’s come and going

And you will find out in the end

There really is

There really is no difference”

I Wanna Hold Your Hand 40×30 Acrylic on Canvas

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