New Painting – The Young Bird (blog post #8)

New Painting – The Young Bird

By Steven Kenny


The Young Bird, 2020, oil on panel, 10 x 8 inches


Finally had time to finish a new painting in between commissions! Albeit, a small one — 10 by 8 inches — but I feel very good about it.

In keeping with so much of my work, the theme centers around the idea of the cycle of life and interdependence. The young child and bird take center stage. Behind them in a leafless, old tree are vultures patiently waiting to do their work.

There are no hierarchies in Nature. Humans impose their own morals on ideas of life and death; this is the burden of “higher” consciousness.

Birth is balanced by death. Both are equally important and should be honored. Both are part of a continuous, ongoing cycle.

We’ve lost something along the way.

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